10 Underrated K-Pop Groups You Have To Check Out

These 10 underrated groups are unique and talented in their own ways and are worth checking out.

Sometimes it can be hard for groups from smaller companies to break into the K-Pop industry strongly enough to set them apart from others. Even though they are just as talented, they usually have to work harder to get their name out where it can be seen. Many underrated groups face difficulties in staying together because they are not promoted well, and usually end up disbanding because they are not popular enough.

You may have never heard of these 10 groups, but after listening to them you’ll definitely wish you had sooner .

1. Madtown

Madtown‘s distinct sound is one that’s easy to recognize. Their tracks are addictive and fun, and their carefree attitude is easy to relate to.

2. Berry Good

Berry Good‘s vocals are no joke. With their powerful voices and upbeat tracks, it’s easy to get hooked on their music.

3. HotShot

HotShot doesn’t stick to one concept. Every member has distinct skills that help them stand out, giving this group a different image than others.

4. Stellar

Even though Stellar is mostly known for their sexy concepts and beautiful image, they still make one of a kind music, and their songs are extremely catchy!

5. Bigflo

Bigflo has been struggling to get in the limelight since their debut. They also have a unique sound that’s easy to get addicted to.

6. Boyfriend

Boyfriend is best known for their distinct fantasy concepts. Their latest MV draws inspiration from the classic story Alice in Wonderland.

7. BESTie

Excuse me! BESTie is known for their fun, upbeat tracks, and colorful MVs. It’s hard not to get up and dance along!

8. ToppDogg

ToppDogg has amazing group dynamics. They’ve gone through some difficulties, but have still managed to keep going and produce one of a kind tracks.

9. Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet is another group that always releases fun, unique tracks. From sexy to bubbly, they can pull anything off.

10. Cross Gene

Cross Gene is an extremely talented group. They can pull off any concept thrown their way with their powerful vocals and complex dances. WARNING: The MV below is graphic!

Are you a fan of any of these groups?