11 Idols Who Are Total Goofballs Off Camera

Sometimes idols just can’t help but teasing and messing with each other, and the things they do are just too funny and cute. Here’s a compilation of goofy idols who just love to troll their members.

“Hmm I like the way he walks, let me try it too!”

“I want to wave like that too!”

“Psh, you’re not the only one who can pout cutely…”

“Guys, guys, let’s try posing like them!”


“Can you guess who I am??”

“Hi, I’m SHINee’s Key!”


“Just kidding, I’m actually Taemin”


“Not! I’m actually Jonghyun. Look at my intense gaze”


“But the truth is, I’m Minho~”


“Heh, I’m just teasing, I’m Onew! *eye smile*”


“O.M.G!! Look at me, I can do this CF perfectly too!!”


“Kai’s got nothing on me, look at this pose!”

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“Minho, I can pull this dance off better than you >:)”

“Merp derp, hey guys I’m D.O”

“I can be an actor just like D.O!”

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“Hang on, just let me transform into Suzy….”

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