12 Pictures Show How BTS Would Look As Your Next Door Neighbor

If the boys of BTS were your next door neighbors, here’s how they might look.

BTS recent campaign for the popular shoe brand, Puma, has fans breathless as the group shows off their signature nonchalant poses. ARMY are once again swooning over BTS’ as they pose in a super casual style that has them looking like the perfect boyfriend-next-door. The group has already become well known for making fans go absolutely crazy with their incredible photos. The boys seem to shine in this monochromatic shoot.

The photos are a continuation of their photos from last year’s equally stunning campaign.

Check out the photos below!

Group shots leave an array of dynamic visuals open to the viewer.

The clothing is chic, modern, and yet still carries the classic BTSxPuma flair.

Jin is total #BoyfriendLooks in an oversized hoodie.

J-Hope – wearing that clothing so well for the spring collection.

This relaxed look is jaw dropping on Rap Monster.

Jungkook knows his angels.

V, a male model.

This white look matches Jimins’ hair perfectly.

Maknae line bringing the heat in this photo.

BTS has done a few bathtub shots before, and this sexy photo only adds to the collection.

Seriously incredible!

This lighting and those looks melt hearts.