17-Year-Old Trainee Wows Netizens With Vocal Skills In Chungha’s “Snapping”

They are amazed by her voice.

Park Sujin, a 17-year-old trainee from RBW Entertainment, has been receiving attention for her charismatic voice.


365 Practice recently released a video of Park Sujin singing Chungha’s “Snapping”. She had apparently participated in the chorus for the song.


Park Sujin showed off her charismatic and unique voice, which wowed netizens.

  • “Wow the whole song sounds different! I can’t wait to see her debut in the near future!😍”
  • “Her voice is one of a kind. Can’t wait for your debut Sujin.”
  • “This is crazy. Please debut as a solo…I am completely against a group.”
  • “Please tell me this person debuted…Please tell me she released a solo album…She’s better than most singers…”


With such a soulful voice filled with emotion, it is almost hard to believe that she is only 17 years old.


Park Sujin’s beautiful voice was even recognized by viewers when she appeared on JTBC‘s MIXNINE.


Check out her video below:

Source: Dispatch