This Particular “Music Core” Episode From 2008 Is Deemed The Most Legendary Music Show Of All Time

Nearly a decade ago, Music Core aired a holiday special episode and it soon became the most legendary music show episode in all of K-Pop history!

It was December 27, 2008 to be exact. That particular day, Music Core‘s lineup was stock full of the most legendary groups in K-Pop history performing a list of the most legendary songs of all time! A feat that no other music show lineups can compare!

The episode was hosted by BIGBANG‘s Seungri and Daesung, as well as SISTAR‘s Hyolyn!


To start off, legends-in-the-making 2PM opened up the show with their debut track, ’10 Out Of 10′!


Davichi was still making their mark as one of the most powerful female duos in K-Pop with ‘Love And War’.


KARA didn’t know yet that their ‘Pretty Girl’ will soon lead to ‘Honey’, which will soon lead to their domination over K-Pop and J-Pop!


SHINee performed their hit ‘Replay’ without realizing that it will be a guide book to all male idol groups.


Legendary vocalist Baek Ji Young shot us all in the heart with ‘Like Being Shot By A Bullet’.


Brown Eyed Girls set a new standard for all girl groups to come with ‘How Come’.


K.Will proved why he deserved the title as “Prince of Ballad” with a performance of ‘Love119’.


Girls’ Generation sang with candy sticks for ‘Kissing You’, not yet realizing that they were going to be the K-Pop girl group of the century!


Kim Jong Kook solidified his mark as an artist with ‘Today More Than Yesterday’ before moving on to become the King of variety shows on Running Man.


Son Dambi made us go ‘Crazy’ with her addictive hit song!


Jewelry proved girl groups can last over time with ‘One More Time’.


SS501 created their biggest hit of their career with ‘U R Man’.


Rain introduced ‘Rainism’, the guidebook to all male soloist (and idol groups).


Wonder Girls were at the peak of their career with ‘Nobody’ and ‘So Hot’!


BIGBANG were just beginning to take over their reign as Kings of K-Pop with ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’!


TVXQ closed out the show by performing their last song as OT5, ‘Are You A Good Girl?’ ‘MIROTIC’, completing their mark as the Gods of K-Pop! 2008… What a year for K-Pop!

Source: Nate Pann