2NE1 name-dropped in latest issue of Vogue Magazine

YG Entertainment girl group 2NE1 continues to leave a lasting impression all over the world. 

2NE1 was mentioned in a recent article from Vogue Magazine, one of the biggest fashion publications in the world. The article was written about American girl group Fifth Harmony and how one of the members, Camila, has recently left the group. News of her impending solo debut has been trending.

Unfortunately, the comparison between the two groups were made because 2NE1 also lost members this year and eventually disbanded. But 2NE1 was also used as the example because of the groups’ comparative success and cutting-edge music. Both groups have been known for their powerful vocals, unique style, and memorable performances.

“The split of any band that reaches high on the charts comes with a dose of mourning, but for the members who leave, it also offers an opportunity for reinvention—and that extends to the fashion front, too. Except for cutting-edge K-pop bands such as 2NE1…” – Janelle Okwodu, Vogue Magazine

Source: Vogue