2PM’s Junho Once Fell While Riding A Bike And Was Mortified By The Reactions Of Witnesses

Here’s the full story in all its funniness 😂

In an episode of Radio Star, 2PM‘s Junho talked about his cycling hobby and how one of his most embarrassing experiences occurred when he was biking.

Once, he was cycling in a public area and accidentally fell down. Usually, that alone would be painful enough, but he happened to hit his private part too! Naturally, the pain immobilized him and he groaned out loud.

If I wear a mask and goggles, people don’t recognize me. One time, I fell flat. As I fell, my private part took an impact as well. It hurt a lot. I sat there and groaned.

— Junho

Many people unfortunately witnessed his fall. Junho was both touched and mortified by what happened next—they ran to him and tried to help him up! In their concern, they all asked if he was unhurt.

There were a lot of people across the street. There were a lot of people, and they were so nice. They all ran over. ‘Oh no! Are you okay?‘ Since I was on the floor, they tried to pull me up. ‘Are you okay? Get up.’

— Junho

Understandably, Junho didn’t want so much attention on him. He tried to get them to leave by insisting he was alright, but they couldn’t ignore his situation. They were simply too kind.

I just wanted them to ignore me. ‘I’m okay, so please leave. Please leave.’

— Junho

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Source: YouTube