Here’s The Fascinating Secret Behind 2PM’s Sexy Stage Outfits, According To Junho

They go shirtless so often, it’s no wonder their outfits aren’t ordinary.

A few months ago, 2PM‘s Junho guested on I Live Alone, a variety show where the everyday lives of celebrities are portrayed. In the episode, Junho played with his adorable cats…

…and worked out in his impressive home gym.

But the most surprising part was when he removed his top out of nowhere!

His action reminded comedian Park Na Rae that 2PM, the original “Beast Idols,” are famous for ripping their shirts often.

Junho himself has done it many times before, including in his 2019 solo concert “LAST NIGHT IN SEOUL.”

Surprisingly, Park Na Rae was well-aware of the secret behind their stage outfits. The real reason why it is so easy for 2PM to rip them is because they are specifically designed with that action in mind. Many of their stage outfits have snap buttons sewed onto them.

The shirts 2PM wears are made with snap buttons, right?

— Park Na Rae

Junho looked impressed and agreed that their outfits do, in fact, have snap buttons so that they can easily tear them anytime they want to.

You’re right! So you can open your shirt any time.

— Junho

Regular t-shirts, however, are different. The members can rip them open with their strength alone!

In the same episode, Junho introduced his adorable cats to the viewers. Meet them here:

Meet The Cats Of 2PM’s Junho—One Of Which He Saved From The Brink Of Death

Source: YouTube