2PM’s Taecyeon Gushes Over His “Vincenzo” Castmates

He gave the sweetest compliments!

In 2PM Taecyeon‘s latest tvN hit drama Vincenzo, Taecyeon plays Jang Junwoo, a law firm intern with a huge identity secret that he reveals in one of the drama’s episodes. Alongside Taecyeon are the talented stars Song Joong KiJeon Yeo Bin, Kim Yeojin, and more!

The drama has been a great success following its first episode and fans can’t but wonder how the chemistry between the casts was during the shooting.

In a recent video with 1st Look Korea, Taecyeon sat down and answered several questions, including how the cast chemistry was. Taecyeon revealed that everyone on set was very “Impressive.”

Q: Your chemistry with the other cast of Vincenzo?

All of them are impressive and every time I shoot a scene with another actor, whoever it is, I am in awe.

— Taecyeon

Following his reply, Taecyeon then continued and gushed over his fellow castmate Song Joong Ki. Taecyeon expressed how he was quite shocked when he met the popular actor.

Personally, I was very surprised when I met Song Joong Ki on the first shoot. The first scene…It was a scene at the police station. Jang Junwoo (Taecyeon’s character), a slow guy, goes to the police station to help Chayoung (Jeon Yeo Bin’s character). And he can’t do anything. He’s helpless. Meanwhile, he comes in with evidence. It was so cool. I was like, ‘He’s so cool.’ If that kind of lawyer defends me, I’d fall in live with them. You know? I was really impressed.

— Taecyeon

As for his chemistry with Jeon Yeo Bin, Taecyeon shared how he was fascinated by her ability to comprehend the director’s instructions quickly.

And I also feel that way a lot about Jeon Yeo Bin, who plays the role of lawyer Hong Chayoung. On the set she understand and absorbs the director’s instructions really fast. I keep thinking she’s like a sponge. You know, she’s cool and attractive.

— Taecyeon

Taecyeon moved on to the charming actress Kim Yeojin and expressed how she was always surprising him on set with her amazing talent.

I think Kim Yeojin is really surprises. When she’s acting…I mean, just until a second ago, she was Kim Yeojin. And suddenly, she’s this character, Myunghee (Kim Yeojin’s character). So scary. Looking at that I feel I have a long way to go.

— Taecyeon

Check out the clip below: