3 Alleged Members Of JYP’s New Girl Group Just Opened Instagram Accounts

These three trainees who were rumored to be a part of JYP’s next girl group have opened their own Instagram accounts!

Three JYP trainees, who were allegedly members of JYP’s new girl group, have just opened Instagram accounts. The first trainee is Park Yejin.

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Park Yejin won the star award at JYP Entertainment’s 12th audition.


She is known for resembling both Suzy and TWICE’s Nayeon at the same time.


The second trainee is Oh Hanseol.

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Oh Hanseol on the left, Park Yejin on the right.


Oh Hanseol had previously appeared on BTS’s highlight reel video.


She was born in 2001.


The third trainee to open an Instagram account is Park Sunmin.

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She was born in 2001 and was a contestant on the reality show MIXNINE.


With the opening of these new Instagram accounts, however, fans have been confused as to whether these trainees have left JYP. JYP trainees are apparently not allowed to open any SNS accounts, which means they have left the agency if they opened their personal ones.

  • “What… so the trainees who opened Instagram accounts left JYP?”
  • “Basically, since JYP doesn’t allow trainees to do so”
  • “I heard from someone that they were confirmed to debutㅠ”
  • “What, they left??? I thought they were going to debut…”


JYP’s new girl group is expected to debut by early next year, so fans will just have to wait to see who is included!

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