These are the 3 idols fans most want to take on a cherry blossom date

These three flower-boy idols are fan’s first picks when it comes to going on Korea’s very popular cherry blossom date.

True to their reputation, three of K-Pop’s most well-known flower boys have all been chosen as the idols that fans want to see the cherry blossoms with.

While none of the three idols are currently confirmed to be in a relationship, luckily the cherry blossoms come every year, so they will have many opportunities to go on this dream date in the future (and for fans to keep hoping).

ASTRO’s Eunwoo

Eunwoo’s charismatic personality has earned him the title of “guardian of women’s hearts” in ASTRO.

EXO’s Baekhyun

Baekhyun’s soft heart of puppy-like charms are why he’s a no-brainer for an early Spring date.

BTS’s Jin

Jin’s infamous love of pink and incredible visuals are part of what makes going to see the cherry blossoms with him seem like the perfect day.

Cherry blossoms have a short blooming period. So when they arrive for the Sping season, people from Washington D.C. to Japan flock to them in the hopes of getting to witness the annual spectacle before they’re gone. The arrival of the cherry blossoms is a symbol of Spring that pulls everyone out of their Winter rut.

The soft cotton candy-like flowers are a great backdrop for photos and attract a lot of couples and families.

A couple poses for a cute photo in Yeouido, Seoul. / Source: Baltimore Sun

Source: Topstarnews