These Are The 3 Things BTS Is Doing To Make “Dynamite” Their Biggest Hit In America Yet

“Dynamite” is already anticipated to rock the American music market like nothing before.

ARMYs are eagerly awaiting BTS‘s newest single release, “Dynamite”, which is set to come out on August 21, less than a week away. While it will no doubt be a huge hit among fans that already love them, the K-Pop group is going to extra lengths to ensure that the song makes as much headway into the American music market as possible as well.

Because of how they’re already promoting the song, “Dynamite” is anticipated to be their biggest hit in America to date, with some even expecting that it will be their first to reach #1 on the Hot 100 chart, which would be huge for a K-Pop artist. This is due in large part to how they’re getting American radio involved in the release of the song, which could be the key to their success.

These are 3 specific actions that BTS and BigHit Entertainment‘s staff is doing to make sure “Dynamite” absolutely kills it on the American music market.

1. Huge worldwide premiere.

In the past, BTS’s management team hasn’t been as proactive as they could be in making sure the group’s songs land spots on American radio shows and broadcasts. This time, however, that’s not the case! They’ve been working hard to guarantee that “every major radio chain in the U.S.” will play the song for a world premiere, exposing tons of people to the song over the radio. This has been something holding them back in the past, since a lot of stations are less apt to play international songs, and the fact that they’ve had so many chains agree to play the song even before it’s been released is a huge win.

2. Pre-release promotions to radio programmers.

While it would be ideal for the members of BTS themselves to go around the country and promote their single on radio shows, with the pandemic ongoing, that’s not going to be possible for this comeback. However, Columbia, BTS’s American label, is making use of unused tour buses and going around to physically visit these radio stations and meet with their programmers in person. This way, they can play “Dynamite” for the programmers before its debut date as a way to persuade them that the song deserves as much air time as it can get on American radios.

3. All-English lyrics.

And lastly, most fans know by now that “Dynamite” is planned to be their first all-English song. While this is somewhat controversial, it is a smart move in terms of appealing to the international market. Having an all-English song will make radio programmers much more likely to play “Dynamite” on the radio, and will hopefully help BTS to achieve their as-yet unreached goal of gaining a radio win on their long list of achievements.

Hopefully all of their hard work and smart marketing tactics will end up with BTS securing a massive hit in America!