4 Hilariously Candid Confessions From AOA’s Recent Radio Broadcast

AOA guest-starred on comedian Kim Shin Young‘s radio show MBC FM4U on January 19 where the members talked candidly about each other.

During the January 19 radio show, AOA promoted their newly released songs but spent most of the time talking about the group in a funny yet honest manner with the host Kim Shin Young.

Each member was excited and eager to talk about her fellow members and it was clear that they felt very comfortable during the radio show.

Among the many things that were talked about on the show, these are some noteworthy and funny things the members shared:

Jimin, the leader, confessed that she reads many news articles about herself and the group, but never posts comments on those articles.

Chanmi, however, is the opposite of Jimin. Chanmi said she posts comments on articles about her because she doesn’t want the negative comments about her to be more visible than the positive comments.

She confessed to posting comments like: “She’s so kind, she has a great sense of fashion, and her makeup-free face is so pretty.”

Hyejeong ranked the top 3 beauties in AOA, in her opinion, in the following order: #1 Jimin, #2 Mina, and #3 herself. When she mentioned her own name and ranked herself as third, she burst out laughing.

Seolhyun confessed to the fact that there was no one in the group that wore clothes worse than her, but she said these days she’s getting better.

Check out AOA’s broadcast below:

(AOA’s portion begins in earnest at 12:20)

(The rest of the show)


Source: OSEN