4 Signs Your Favorite Idol Is In A Relationship

Idols are quite secretive when they start dating someone; however, fans always seem to have a way of finding out if their favorite idol is in a relationship or not.

A post on a Korean online community has outlined at least 4 ways in which idols make it obvious that they are currently in a relationship, and they seem pretty spot on.

Let’s have a look at the 5 ways idols seem to change when they fall in love!

1. They Reveal a Precise Ideal Type

Idols are often asked what kind of traits they look for in their ideal partner. Those who aren’t currently in a relationship will provide a vague description of their ideal girlfriend/boyfriend, but those in a relationship tend to provide a more detailed and specific description. It’s almost as if they’re describing their current partner!

2. They Exhibit Strange Behavior On Air


Another change in an idol’s behavior can be spotted on television. When an idol suddenly behaves in a way they normally wouldn’t, such as showing aegyo or doing something that is completely unexpected, their behavior can be a hint as to the idol’s current change in relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship”.

3. They Buy a New Car

Fans have decided that when an idol purchases a car or trades in their old car for a new one, it’s a sure sign of a new relationship. They owe their reasoning to the fact that most celebrities enjoy car dates to ensure their privacy behind tinted windows.

4. They Seem Unable to Focus

Oftentimes, idols are caught being unable to focus while starring on shows, and fans believe this is a tell-tale sign of a new relationship. Who can blame them; falling in love is a wonderfully distracting feeling!


See if you can spot any of these signs in your favorite idols!


Source: JTBC News