5 Groups That Were Slept On In 2019—Let’s End Their Year With The Attention They Deserve

They deserve more attention than they are currently receiving.

2019 was a great year for K-Pop, from EXO‘s “Tempo” reaching 100 million views in record time to TWICE being invited to perform on the NHK‘s Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the third year in a row. Despite the great year, however, there were many talented singers and groups who didn’t get the recognition they deserved despite their visuals, talent, and hard work.

1. Dreamcatcher

Despite being one of the top 25 most popular girl groups, many people still sleep on Dreamcatcher!

With their incredible vocals that will move you to tears and their unique presence in the world of K-Pop with their heavy rock sound, music lovers who don’t yet stan Dreamcatcher are truly missing out!

2. N.Flying

N.Flying are not only very talented, but they are also real-life heroes and true sweethearts!

Source: BillboardLeader Seunghyub grabbed everyone’s attention earlier this year for his thoughtfulness when he taught an elderly gentleman how to use his phone during a live broadcast. Prior to that incident, he also helped a frightened fan out by pretending to be her boyfriend when she was being followed by a drunk stranger. The group also participated in a youth suicide prevention campaign, hoping to bring comfort to those who need it.


Having first debuted in 2016, LOONA has slowly been building a loyal fanbase. This year, they were the first girl group other than Red Velvet and TWICE to hit number one on the US iTunes chart with their repackage album [X X], however, that doesn’t mean they’ve quite gotten the attention they deserve!

The women of LOONA are all incredible dancers and have amazing natural chemistry with one another. Additionally, every member of the group has their own solo album, giving fans even more to love!

4. DIA

DIA has faced a lot of hardship over the last year, starting with Yebin getting bullied online last December to being unappreciated by their company. Eunice also revealed her struggle earlier during a fan sign, sharing that she still had a debt to pay off. Most troublingly, Somyi cried during a live broadcast, done without her agency’s permission, earlier this month calling herself ugly and worthless.

All the members of DIA are undeniably beautiful and fiercely talented and deserve more recognition for their hard work than they currently receive.



Although gugudan‘s big brother group from Jellyfish Entertainment is currently on a hiatus of sorts while their leader does his military service, joined by Leo who began his service at the beginning of this month, the group is still fairly active. Each member has solo activities and in September, they released a new song (their first comeback in a year and a half) as five members instead of six.

Despite being one of the top-selling groups on the Gaon charts within the past ten years, and regularly being plagiarized by other artists, their new song “Parallel”, which was released back in September, currently only has just over 100,000 views on YouTube.

The group’s members have attractive visuals and feature voices that complement one another’s beyond belief, and their talent was recognized when they performed their song “Shangri-La” at the opening ceremony at the International Olympic Committee general assembly in 2018.

They also donate to charity individually and as a group.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a comprehensive list, so if we missed an artist or group you feel deserved more attention this year, please forgive us—we swear we’re not sleeping on your fave! 🙏

Which groups do you feel were slept on in 2019?