5 Photos That Prove TWICE Mina Was A Huge BIGBANG and EXO Fan Before Debuting

TWICE’s Mina has been living out her dreams with the opportunity to promote at the same time as BIGBANG and EXO, as pre-debut evidence has revealed.

TWICE’s Mina has had the rare opportunity to be both a fan of and perform alongside some of her favorite idols, including EXO and BIGBANG. Indeed, fans have gathered evidence, in the form of pictures and videos (mostly from her pre-debut days), to prove that Mina has always been a huge fan of these two groups.

As shown in the following video, Mina could be seen rehearsing the choreography for EXO’s “Growl” in her pre-debut days. (Mina is the trainee in the blue shirt.)


Aside from the rehearsal clip, Mina was also photographed in full EXO gear and wore the group’s trendy “Wolf 88” shirts for a performance.

It’s not just EXO that Mina seems to be a fan of, however, as this old photo of the young singer with BIGBANG’s lightstick shows. According to the account that posted the photo, Mina has been supporting the group and even attended their performances on music programs.

Mina spent most of her childhood in Japan before she was scouted by a staff member from JYP Entertainment. Since then, she has trained under the agency before she made her debut with TWICE in 2015.