BTS Reacts To Female Idols Covering Their Choreography

Fans of K-pop are surely no strangers to seeing countless male idols absolutely killing girl group dances. But now, it’s the girls’ turn to show off their skills!

These female idols are the perfect definition of “girl crush” as they show that their dancing is just as powerful as their male counterparts’. Watch these talented female idols who flawlessly pull off boy group dances!

First, check out Oh My Girl members Jiho and Mimi show off their strong dancing skills while skillfully covering EXO‘s and Up10tion‘s choreographies!

Next, Cosmic Girls showcased their amazing teamwork as the members cover some of the hardest boy group dances, including INFINITE‘s signature scorpion dance move!

TWICE members are known to be good at dancing, but Momo definitely takes the cake as she effortlessly dances to 2PM‘s “My House.”

Hyeyeon might be the youngest member of Gugudan, but with this cover of BIGBANG‘s and BTS‘s dances, she proved that she can do justice to her seniors’ choreography!

Last but not least, this girl group covered BTS’s choreography so well that BTS themselves recorded a reaction video to it! Check out The Ark‘s cover to “Boy in Luv” below.

You can see how impressed the BTS members are in this reaction video.

With skills like these, many must be excited to see the future of K-pop.