5 Seconds Of Summer’s Inner Fanboys Come Out Looking For BLACKPINK’s Albums

“We have to get some of these.”

5 Seconds Of Summer appeared on Welcome, First Time In Korea?, and they decided one of their first tasks in Korea had to be finding BLACKPINK‘s albums.


So, they asked where they would be found as soon as they entered the music store. And, they found Jennie‘s solo album first, which made Michael super excited.

He was so excited that he asked if Lisa had a solo as well, but the worker shattered his dreams by telling him only Jennie had one as of now.

After Calum spotted all the albums and photobooks, their moods were brightened as they decided they would grab a couple of each to fulfill their fanboy mission.

And, Michael just couldn’t keep himself from singing and humming “DDU-DU DDU-DU as he looked at the collection.

They definitely couldn’t hide the fact that they’re fanboys, especially if this was what they chose to do during their first trip. Watch them complete their task here as they fanboyed just a little.