5 Seolhyun Moments That Every Girl Can Relate To

High Heel Struggles

It’s hard enough trying to balance while trying to perform in front of a huge crowd, let alone doing it as gracefully as Seolhyun does. Anyone who has ever worn heels will understand the struggles of trying to look poised and composed while internally struggling to not fall.

Foodie Level: Seolhyun

Seolhyun is big on food and is not afraid to chow down when it comes to eating. Like any other 22-year-old ramen is a stable food source of hers that can be eaten at any occasion. Her love of food has no bounds as she happily noms away at her noodles.

Spazzing About Her Crushes

With their attractive personalities and handsome looks, it’s easy to fall for the lead actors in Korean dramas, and even Seolhyun is weak to their charms. Seolhyun picked Song Joong Ki as her TV crush – something almost every K-Drama fan can relate too!

Selfie Filters All Day

Nowadays it’s a miracle if someone has not used either Instagram or Snapchat filters for their pictures. Much like everyone else, Seolhyun is a fan of these filters and can often be seen using them on her social media. Everyone always looks cuter with filters.

Looking Hilarious While Sleeping

Everyone knows it’s a struggle to fall asleep without opening their mouth and Seolhyun is no exception. Though most would shy away from revealing their sleeping face, Seolhyun embraced it completely!

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