5 Smoldering Hot Photos of Jay Park That Reveal His Sexy Side

Jay Park showed off his physique in this recent photo shoot for W Korea and it’s enough to drive fans wild.
On March 3, W Korea released exclusive photos of Jay Park showing off his sexy body for their latest issue. Both the model and Jay Park were captured in stunning outfits and eye-catching sets that captured the exotic aesthetic of the wild. Surrounded by vibrant orange foliage, the theme of the photo shoot appeared to be centered around a “glam jungle” concept.

Take a look at Jay Park’s smoldering photo shoot below:

Jay Park and the model make a very aesthetic couple.

Jay Park’s jacket parts just enough to give the viewer a good view of his chiseled abs.

Jay Park’s signature profile is spectacular.

Jay Park harnesses the allure of the exotic in this photo.

Jay Park gives a full view of many of his tattoos in this striking photo.

In recent news, Jay Park was recognized as an astounding musician by winning “Best R&B and Soul” for his album Everything You Wanted and “Musician of the Year” at the 14th Korean Music Awards. He is also currently participating in tvN’Buzzer Beater. At the rate things are going, 2017 is shaping up to be another spectacular for Jay Park.

Source: W Korea