6 K-Pop Celebrity Habits That Spread All Over The World, Even with you

These 6 celebrities are so sensational and influential that Korea is adopting their habits.

They are often called ‘diseases’ because they are spreading across the country so fast!

Examine for yourself to see if you have also caught the syndrome yourself, here is the list of the diagnostics!

1. The Kang Daniel Syndrome

If you’ve adopted the Busan accent and started hoarding large amounts of jellies, then you’ve got the case of Kang Daniel!

2. The IU  Syndrome

Are you chewing small amounts of food with your mouth closed like a cute bunny? Have you been wearing baggy runners and hopping around like a bunny? You’ve got the IU syndrome!

3. The G-Dragon Syndrome

Did you purchase all the latest designer brands? Do you find yourself trying to be the most fashion-forward person in your group?

4. The Lee Hyori Syndrome

Patients diagnosed with the Lee Hyori Syndrome have been using a lot of aegyo along with suggestive jokes, as well as a craving to get away to a beautiful island!

5. The Sulli Syndrome

The Sulli Syndrome features an obsession with the pale, peachy look!

6. The Go Joon Hee Syndrome

Tired of the long hairstyles? Craving a clean cut in your life? You’ve got the Go Joon Hee syndrome!

Source: Insight