6 Reasons Why CRAVITY’s Serim Was Born To Be An Idol Leader

He was born to be a leader!

CRAVITY is a boy group created by Starship Entertainment and is composed of nine members. They debuted on April 14, 2020 with their album Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are.

CRAVITY, who debuted in the midst of a pandemic have yet to meet their fans in person and leader Serim has put in a lot of effort to interact with fans as much as he can regardless of the current state of the world.

A CRAVITY fan posted a list of moments that revealed why Serim was meant to be an idol group leader and gained much attention online. Let’s take a look at six of the reasons why Serim was born to be an idol!

1. He has posted selfies every day since their debut (minus one day)

The fan posted one page of their photo folder that collected every photo that Serim posted since their debut date. This showed that he posted an average of five photos a day with 411 photos uploaded on their official fan café and Twitter after only three months after debut.

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2. He has an unbelievable amount of aegyo/cuteness

He loves to draw cute hearts on his selfies and although he doesn’t have the best handwriting or drawing skills, he puts in a lot of effort before posting his photos. Fans reveal that it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before he posts his photos because he takes his time decorating it with his drawings!

3. He tries his best to hide his hair color

During the time CRAVITY was going to attend the Dream Concert, Serim tried his best to hid his hair color in photos despite the fact that teasers for the group were already released, revealing their new hair colors.

4. He reads letters written by fans and lets them know he’s read it

A fan posted a video of their video call fan meeting with Serim and revealed how touched they were that he actually reads all the letters written by fans and remembers their suggestions and song recommendations and lets them know through these types of events.

5. He buys his own editing software to create their own content

He is very detailed in that he knows what fans like to see and takes different clips of the members and edits his own videos to share with fans.

6. He tries his best to show off and thank fans for their gifts

Anything from air pods, phone cases, stuffed animals, shoes, clothes, you name it! He is grateful for all gifts received from fans and is always happy to show and let them know that he is thankful for them!

“I’m so happy thanks to Luvity! Luvity good night. I love you Luvity!”

How can you not love this sweetheart!

Take a listen to their music if you haven’t already!

Source: theqoo