6 Times Idols Had Way Too Much Fun At Fan Signs

These six hilarious moments of idols having fun at fan sign events are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Idols are famous for being goofy and having a little fun while on stage, or while interacting with their fans. These moments become very dear to fans, since it shows the idols having a little fun with their more hectic lives! Fan sign events are an opportunity for idols to be a lot more carefree and relaxed!

Here are 6 times idols have had a little fun at fan sign events.

1. NCT 127

At one of their more recent fan signs, Yuta blew the most adorable air kisses to fans when all of a sudden Doyoung got up, grabbed one of the kisses, and threw it on the ground! This adorable interaction had fans and fellow members laughing like no tomorrow!


TWICE members seem to always have fun when together, especially during fan signs! In the video below, TWICE have many adorable interactions, but at 8:40, Jeongyeon walked towards Tzuyu with a face of determination, grabbed Tzuyu, and pretended to give her a kiss. This left Tzuyu in shock and fans wooing!



3. f(x)’s Amber with SHINee

Amber surprised SHINee members with a visit to their fan sign event, where she had Onew say “I love chicken” in 4 different ways and had Minho sing the llama song with her. He also danced!

4. Seventeen

Everybody loves puns, and that includes Seventeen’s HoshiDK and Seungkwan. In the clip below, all three made puns with the lyrics of “Highlight”, making fellow members laugh out loud!


5. BTS

BTS is known for having lots of fun and joking around a lot when together. In this specific example, Jin put on a monkey headband and then had a hilarious interaction with J-Hope. However, when Jin turned away, J-Hope turned the tables, making fans laughs!


The 6 members of ASTRO decided to hold a too fun limbo game, leaving many fans in awe!