6 Times Male Idols Made Fangirls Go Wild With Fanservice

Skinship is a favorite in the world of K-Pop, and these male idols are not afraid to give fans exactly what they want.

Idol group members are very familiar with the concept of skinship, have even participated in some weird and interesting variations of skinship through broadcasts and events. Although it’s is usually done as a form of fan service, some idols are often seen instigating memorable skinship moments on a whim.

In Korea, heartwarming skinship is usually associated with the skin-to-skin interactions between couples, but idol group members of the same gender have taken things to the next level.

Check out these times our favorite male idols drove fans crazy with their skinship:

1. GOT7 – Mark and Jinyoung

Mark placed his hand on Yugyeom‘s shoulder as he embraced Jinyoung. He seductively closed in for a kiss only to be stopped halfway by JB. 

2. GOT7 – Jackson and Youngjae

Jackson grabbed and leaned in close to embrace Youngjae. Meanwhile, Mark and Jinyoung shared a hearty laugh next to the cute duo.

3. PENTAGON – Hongseok and E’Dawn

E’Dawn drew close to Hongseok while the group performs Jay Park‘s “Mommae.”

4. PENTAGON – E’DawnHongseok, and Kino

The PENTAGON members didn’t stop there, as Hongseok also gave a few small kisses to Kino as they wrapped up their performance.

5. BTS – Rap Monster and Suga

Suga and Rap Monster recreated a scene from hit movie Architecture 101. The two show off their expert acting skills as they share a Pepero kiss.

6. KNK – Seungjun and Inseong

Inseong tapped his cheek in a coy manner, prompting Seungjun to plant a direct kiss.