(★TRENDING) 6 Unreleased Songs By Popular Idols You Never Even Knew Existed

There are numerous masterpieces in K-pop and even more mega hits that are loved by fans all over the world. However, there are a few songs that even the most hardcore K-pop may not  know about due to the fact that they were never properly released to the public.

1. BIGBANG – UntilBig Bang wrote this for their fans and performed it during one of their concerts. To the disappointment of many fans the song was never properly released.


2. Wonder Girls – Wake Up

This song came out while the group was struggling in the States. It did not get much publicity with the public and thus many people are aware of its existence.

3. IU – KneeShe sang a bit of this song on Infinite Challenge and it even trended as number 1 on search keywords. But she still hasn’t released the song.

4. Park Kyung & P.O – Don’t laught it’s embarassing
Block-B has a lot of songs as mix tapes I hope they release them as official songs.

5. EXO – Dubstep

EXO has so many songs they have not released from their teaser days but I think most fans want this song released over any other.


6. iKON – SinosijakThis is from their Mix & Match days and fans expected it to be on their album but they have still not released the song.