7 Beautiful Gifs Of Idols On Stage That Will Melt Your Heart

The 31st Golden Disc Awards was full of unforgettable moments; however, these seven moments were absolutely heart-stopping.

The Golden Disc Awards was two nights of amazing performances from the hottest K-Pop idols, special memories of well-deserved artists taking home awards, and several moments that only lasted for a few seconds but we’re still heart-stopping.  From Baekhyun’s passionate singing to J-Hope‘s expressions, these seven moments are especially unforgettable.

1. Girl’s Generation Taeyeon 

Taeyeon‘s beauty and smile are truly heart-stopping.  She looks so elegant and glamorous in that outfit, making this moment that much more amazing.


2. EXO Baekhyun

The way Baekhyun is singing is so passionate that you can practically hear his voice and feel the passion.


3. BTS J-Hope

J-Hope’s expression is jaw dropping.


4. BTS V

The members of BTS have such silly personalities, but their on-stage personas are so cool and serious.


5. EXO Chanyeol and Xuimin

Chanyeol and Xuimin dancing along to BTS is absolutely adorable.  It seems that they really enjoyed the boy group’s performance.


6. The juniors reacting to their senior 

The members of BTS, Seventeen, and Red Velvet all dance and cheer along to the singer Rain‘s song “Rainism”.


7.  MAMAMOO Wheein and Solar

MAMAMOO are a girl group full of visuals!  Solar and Wheein are especially beautiful.