7 Idols Who Handled Devastating Stage Malfunctions Like True Professionals

Whether it be a slip from a wet stage or accidentally kicking off a shoe, accidents that can happen while idols perform on stage and it’s not always easy to keep a straight face!

Performing isn’t always a walk in the park for K-Pop idols and there are bound to be mistakes and down right embarrassing accidents that take place. In a world where there every move is being watched, some idols handled their onstage malfunctions so well it’s almost magical.

Check out these 7 idols who had the best reactions to stage problems!

1. Ailee

Ailee was performing at KCON in Newark when the music stopped playing. That didn’t stop  Ailee, who was so professional that she continued to perform a capella. However, even she couldn’t help but still be caught off guard during the moment.

2. BTS Jin and Jimin

BTS members Jin and Jimin we’re dancing on one of their stage props when the two of them almost fell.  However, the members  simply laughed about the incident with one another.


GFRIEND SinB fell during a performance, but stood right back up and went on with her performance. While this one isn’t funny at all, she continued to do this multiple times (well over 5!) and ended up gaining her group mass attention and love from Korea.

4. Sistar’s Soyou 

Soyou handled this fall like a true champ, although it looked quite scary and she seemed to be shocked at first. It looked like it could have been an extremely close call and she was definitely thrown off by it.

5. Perfect Performance Ladies Im Sol Ah

Im So Lah’s skirt fell off, however the girl group member simply laughed about it and kept going. Her reaction was so adorable that fans began to follow her simply for how well she handled the situation!

6. BEAST Kikwang 

An incident that would have been embarrassing for many other people was not embarrassing for Kikwang.  He simply smiled and continued to perform when his shirt ripped a little too much..!