7 Idols Who Proved Their Makeup Free Beauty In “Laws of the Jungle”

Even the prettiest idols are bound to look a little less than charming when it comes to being in the jungle and these seven idols are no exception.

Sometimes female idols are just so beautiful they seem like they are inhuman. These seven chic idols have gained a reputation for themselves as complete stunners. While watching them on Law of The Jungle, though we can all feel a little less intimidated when we see they are just as human as the rest of us.


Hani is normally pretty relatable. Her fun-loving personality makes so many fans fall for her. That being said her killer vocals and untouched visuals make the full package and it’s hard to believe she’s even real. These makeup-less photos are proof enough, she is a natural beauty.

She looks incredibly cute without makeup.
She can’t stop thinking about dinner in the jungle!


SISTAR‘s visual is notoriously put together and beautiful. Dasom‘s journey to the jungle resulted in plenty of humanizing moments that make her all the more loveable.

Zero makeup but still gorgeous.
She looks so raw and pure without makeup.


One of K-pop’s most popular visual, Seolhyun has grown to immense popularity recently. This CF angel seems like everyone’s favorite big sister while enjoying chicken, barefaced in the jungle.

Her beautiful and unedited tanned skin.
Her features never cease to amaze viewers.


Twice‘s lovely chic member, Jeongyeon was able to show a soft and fun side of herself while staying in the jungle.

Still boyishly stylish but somehow warm and glowy.
Look at that smile.


Sejeong has an incredible smile, is beautiful, and one of the best rookies. She just seems to be a total ace seeing her totally comfortable while outside of civilization just adds to her many noteworthy good quality.

Her skin is flawless.
Her smile definitely brought everyone’s mood up at the jungle.


Minah can come off as an unapproachable goddess at times. Variety shows though, seem to always bring out her goofy and relatable side.

Even beauties like Minah get redness and don’t always have perfect hair.
She looks like a flower when she smiles like that.


Girl’s Generation members are the cream of the crop. Yuri is no exception but she too needs the makeup and styling crews to pull off that Girl’s Generation magic.

She might be making a derp-ish face but look at that skin.
She’s calling her members.

Source: Dispatch