7 Times TWICE Nayeon Proved She Can Pull off Any Look

With Nayeon‘s amazing visuals and overflowing charms, she can pull off any concept and hairstyle.

Nayeon has won fans over with her adorable personality, stunning visuals, and raw talent. Since her debut with TWICE lastyear, Nayeon has undergone amazing transformations and has continued to charm fans every time. In fact, she recently stunned fans by going with a sexy concept for the first time at the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun. 

From cute to sexy, Nayeon has proven that she can look beautiful regardless of her styling. Likewise, she’s been able to look amazing in every hairstyle and outfit she’s tried so far. Take a look at some of her amazing transformations since her debut:

Nayeon showed off her natural beauty, sporting straight long dark hair during TWICE’s “Ooh Ahh” promotions back in 2015.

TWICE Nayeon
Long and straight hair, truly like an angel.

Nayeon amazed fans during the 2015 MAMA Awards when she was seen sporting a lighter hairstyle. Nayeon can make any hair color look natural.

TWICE Nayeon
She only tried this look briefly, but fans fell in love with it

Back to her natural darker hair color Nayeon slowly developed her usually straight hairstyle into beautiful natural curls.

TWICE Nayeon
Long and dark hair helps her look so classy

Nayeon transformed her hair once again during TWICE’s “Cheer Up” promotions. This time sporting adorable bangs and braids.

Nayeon TWICE
Pigtails was a shocking but well-fitting transformation for Nayeon

Nayeon slowly began to chop off her long locks opting for a more mature shorter hairstyle with bangs. She looked so different with just a few simple changes.

TWICE Nayeon
She looks so elegant, especially with that blue top.

Nayeon looked amazing during TWICE’s “TT” promotions with a shorter should length bob hairstyle.

TWICE Nayeon
This shorter cut has become a legendary look for Nayeon

Nayeon recently showed off her sexy side at the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun. Her half up half down longer hairstyle looked cute yet sexy. Fans couldn’t take their eyes off of her.

She stole many hearts with this sexy look.