8 Male Idols Who Are On MelOn’s Hall Of Fame

These idol groups have all made it onto the MelOn Hall of Fame.

Music charts are important instruments used to benchmark the popularity of an idol group or artist, not to mention that these charts determine the weekly number 1 spots on music shows as well as the bigger end of year awards.

Popular music chart MelOn has a Hall of Fame for all songs that have surpassed 1.5 million unique listens on the streaming site. As of 2017, there are currently 8 groups who have made it onto the Hall of Fame, some with one song and others with multiple. Here are the groups who have made it onto MelOn Music Chart’s Hall of Fame.


The most senior group on this list, their latest title song “Fxxk It” tops the list with approximately 2.5 million unique listens. Of course, they have other songs that made it onto the Hall of Fame, these include “Loser”, “Bang Bang Bang” and “Let’s Not Fall in Love”, which have taken the next 3 spots. This brings their total number of songs on this list to 11.

2. EXO

SM Entertainment‘s boy group also has songs that have landed themselves in the Hall of Fame. In fact, EXO has 3 songs that are currently in the Hall of Fame, “Call Me Baby”, “Monster” and “Love Me Right” with “Love Me Right” holding the highest number of unique listens at approximately 1.6 million people.

3. Block B

Block B is another group that has made it onto MelOn’s Hall of Fame with 3 songs, “Her”, “Toy” and “Yesterday”. “Yesterday” is currently the song with the most unique listens out of the 3 with there being around 1.8 million people who have listened to it.


Fellow YG Entertainment boy group joins their seniors on MelOn’s Hall of Fame with two songs, “Empty” and “REALLY REALLY”, with “REALLY REALLY” actually beating out “Empty” as their song with the most listeners. It currently has 2.06 million individual listeners.

5. iKON

The youngest group from the YG family was able to enter the Hall of Fame with their song “My Type”, which currently has around 1.9 million unique listens.


Newly reformed group Highlight was able to enter the Hall of Fame with their debut song “Plz Don’t Be Sad” with it having around 1.7 million unique listens.


Old time idol group Sechskies made a comeback this year with their song “Three Words” and were able to make it to the Hall of Fame, showing the loyalty of their fans even though they’ve already been around for 20 years. “Three Words” currently has around 1.6 million unique listens.

8. BTS

Rising boy group BTS was finally able to break into the Hall of Fame with their latest title song “Spring Day”, which garnered around 1.5 million unique listens.