8 Things Idols Do That Can Make Even Haters Fall In Love

K-Pop idols have many talents, from singing and dancing to composing and writing lyrics. However, their talents aren’t limited to just those skills. Idols have the ability to make anybody’s heart flutter, no matter what. These 8 gifs are guaranteed to make your heart race and cheeks flush!

1. “Oh, hello there, you’re looking absolutely cute today!”

2. “Wow, I can’t stop staring and smiling at her…”

3. “C’mere, let me give you a huuuuuggee hug!”

4. “Oh hi over there! *waves excitedly and smiles*”

5. “Don’t be scared, I’ll protect you with a hug!”

6. “Oops, be careful, don’t get hurt while walking~”

7. “Guess what I have….? A heart just for you~~ <3”

8. “Whoopsies! Here grab onto my hand so you don’t fall!”

Source: Instiz