8 Times G-Dragon Out GD’d Himself In 2017

He totally out GD’d himself.

1. He released an album on USB…that was covered in artsy blood

The red ink on the album represents G-Dragon’s DNA and the womb, as his album’s concept revolves around MOTTE.

2. He literally gave WINNER’s Seunghoon a supercar for his birthday.

G-Dragon Gives WINNER Seunghoon A Car Worth Over $300,000

3. He gave IU a priceless gift that literally left her speechless

4. The camera effect he used that had everyone scrambling to find the “app”

Here’s The Truth Behind G-Dragon’s Unique Phone Camera Filter

5. He he performed “drunk” at a concert, after IU gifted him a box of soju

G-Dragon Got Drunk Before His Solo Concert…All Because Of IU

6. He threw a fan off the stage

Crazed fan interrupts G-Dragon’s concert…G-Dragon throws him off stage

7. He blew up the internet with his designer brand collaborations

8. He single-handedly made $2 socks a fashion phenomenon