9 Photos of TWICE Sana’s Stage Outfits That Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Since her debut, TWICE’s Sana has garnered a lot of attention from fans for how flawless she looks in her outfits during stage performances and these 9 outfits are no exception.

No matter what outfit she has wears, whether it’s simple or complex, Sana makes every single outfit one to remember. Her slim figure and striking features put the finishing touches on every outfit and make each outfit come to life.

Take a look at these 9 stunning outfits worn by Sana:

1. A Simple Shirt & Skirt Combo

The outfit’s simplicity allows Sana’s good looks to shine through.

2. The Midwest Cheerleader

The bright pink dress and blonde hair make her look almost like a cheerleader from the midwest.

3. The College Girl

Okay, it’s not exactly a college look but the varsity jacket really gives off those college vibes and what’s sexier than smarts?

4. The Classic Cheerleader

Sana makes this outfit come to life.

5. The Sexy Cheerleader

This chearleader outfit perfectly accentuates Sana’s figure.
She makes this look good.

6. Black & White Sequin Dress

A great example of sexy innocence. This outfit paired with the choker really leaves you breathless.

7. The Girl-Next-Door Look

Sana owns this simple jeans and crop-top look.

8. Patches and Pleated Skirt

This high-waisted tennis skirt really accentuates Sana’s slim waist.

9. The Sporty Girl

A chic sporty look that displays Sana’s charms.

BONUS: A Little “Off the Shoulder” Black Dress

This outfit was not worn during a live performance but it proves that Sana isn’t only beautiful in simple, casual outfits but also in formal dresses.