TWICE suddenly changed their choreography, and nobody noticed it

The change of choreography that Jungyeon pulled off was so adorable yet very subtle and sneaky!

Fans recently noticed a playful gesture TWICE‘s Jungyeon pulled off on Sana while performing “KNOCK KNOCK” on stage.

During Tzuyu‘s part where she sings, “My frozen heart will, my-my heart will,” all the other members do this wiring move and connect it to a member’s heart.

Here you could see the original choreography where Jihyo, Mina, and Sana “plug” into Dahyun‘s heart, while Jungyeon and Dahyun point to their own hearts.

However, a fancam of TWICE performing “KNOCK KNOCK” on Show Music Core revealed to fans something that wasn’t caught on the official broadcasted stage.

Instead of pointing at her own heart, Jungyeon was seen pointing, or more as, poking Sana’s side.

Sana could be seen trying to hold in her laughter, feeling ticklish from Jungyeon’s poking. Sana was able to keep her composure and turned her head to look at Jungyeon while she carried on with the stage.

It was something that no one, especially Sana, didn’t expect at all. Jungyeon’s little playful tactic was so subtle, many probably would not even have noticed if it wasn’t “pointed” out.

Watch the full video clip of how Jungyeon changes up the choreography to her liking below!