AB6IX Should Not Be Challenged To The “Cleopatra Game” Because This Will Happen

Cover your ears.

On a recent episode of TMI News, AB6IX members were asked to play the “Cleopatra Game”. While the members seemed to keep calm and play on for the first few rounds, soon the game triggered immense competition among AB6IX members who eventually began just screeching as loudly as they can.

The “Cleopatra Game”, which has each player sing the phrase “Hello, I’m Cleopatra, I’m the best potato chip in the world” at rising pitches by taking turns, is an infamous one among K-Pop stars because it deals directly with the pride of who can reach the highest note.


Member Jeon Woong, the main vocalist of the group, kicked off the game at an easy pitch. Lim Youngmin and Lee Daehwi, who are also vocalists, decided to go up against Jeon Woong to see who’s going to take the win!


While Lim Youngmin took it easy on Jeon Woong on the first round, Lee Daehwi stepped up the game by taking the pitch way higher. In AB6IX’s previous “Cleopatra” games, Lee Daehwi has always taken the throne. So he was confident that he could beat both Jeon Woong and Lim Youngmin again!


With Lee Daehwi taking the game to next level, Lim Youngmin was soon eliminated, but Jeon Woong didn’t back down from the fight. He began screeching the Cleopatra phrase and challenging Lee Daehwi to try harder!


And of course, Lee Daehwi didn’t disappoint. He used all his facial muscles and vocal chords to scream at the top of his lungs. Lee Daehwi even started walking sideways as he screamed the words, leaving the show hosts and viewers cracking up about how competitive he can get!


The battle continued until Jeon Woong was at the verge of giving up. He squeaked around a little bit… but didn’t seem too hopeful. That’s when show host Jun Hyun Moo came to the rescue and pinched Jeon Woong – giving him that extra boost to defeat Lee Daehwi!


The screeching chaos came to an end when Lee Daehwi admitted that Jeon Woong wins this time! Fans loved seeing how competitive AB6IX members can become over the smallest things. It is this kind of passion, though, must have been what pushed them to stand where they do now.


You can watch the whole mess here: