This Actress Looks Like She Could Be EXO’s D.O’s Younger Sister

Kim Hyang Gi looks so much like EXO‘s D.O. she could totally be his younger sister.

Kim Hyang Gi, a child actress, looks so much like EXO’s D.O, that she could pass as being his younger sister.  According to her, they look so much alike that people actually confuse them as being brother and sister.

Kim Hyang Gi also mentioned that the two even noticed the resemblance.  She stated that when they met each other at an event, they were also surprised and took a photo together.

Kim Hyang Gi made her official acting debut in 2006 when she was only six years ago in the film “Heart Is…”  and since then she has appeared in 13 other films such as The Grand Heist and A Werewolf Boy. She also starred in nine dramas, giving her a pretty impressive track record for such a young age.

Check out photos of the two below: 

The resemblance is truly uncanny.

That hair style really fits her.
D.O.’s stare is intense.

They both have very pure appearances.

She is very pretty.
D.O. looks very kind.

Their smiles are even the same.

She has such a bright smile.
His smile is one of his best features. It can light up the world.

They look like siblings!