Actress Oh Mi Yun Revealed That She Was In A Car Accident While Pregnant In The Past

The actress expressed her gratitude for life after the horrible experience.

Actress Oh Mi Yun recently revealed that she had experienced a serious car accident in the past.

Oh Mi Yun | Source: Drama Wiki

Oh Mi Yun, who was most recently in MBC‘s Blessing of the Sea, shared that she had been in a car accident while 7 months pregnant, leading to her daughter to be born prematurely. After delivering her daughter, the baby needed to have surgery for cerebral edema and the experience made the talented actress question, “Is this life?

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Happily, her daughter is fine now and Oh Mi Yun recovered from her injuries as well. Although the experience was frightening and led her to experience feelings of despair, she shared that ultimately, she feels grateful for being alive.