Actress Seo Min Jung Received Heavy Criticism For The Gift She Gave BTS

“You’re not getting away with this.”

Actress Seo Min Jung has become the center of criticism among some fans for the gift she gave the BTS members.

Seo Min Jung, who is currently residing in New York with her husband, was hired to be BTS’s interpreter for their appearance on American online radio station SiriusXM. 

On the day of the recording, Seo Min Jung had apparently given the members beanies that were embellished with rhinestones that spelled out their names in English. She had claimed to have made it herself.

After receiving the gift, Jimin shared a photo of the beanie on BTS’s Twitter account and captioned it, “Seo Min Jung sunbaenim, thank you so much for the gift.”


Seo Min Jung reuploaded his Tweet on her Instagram thanking Jimin and BTS fans for appreciating her gift and complimented both BTS and their fans for their warm heart.

While she had claimed to have made the beanie herself, fans later discovered that the beanie was a product of a business that is run by Seo Min Jung’s American friend. This American friend also apparently shared a post on her Instagram, promoting the product.

Worldwide stars BTS are also wearing our beanies.

ㅡ Business owner

After finding out about this fact, some fans became angry, claiming that Seo Min Jung had used BTS to promote her friend’s business and had suddenly made BTS a model for the business.

Fans have been swarming into Seo Min Jung’s Instagram account, demanding an explanation for the gift she provided.

  • “Please give us an explanation about BTS’s beanies. Don’t just erase comments and say sorry. I’ve been supporting you but this is truly disappointing. I beg you, please apologize.”
  • “No official apology, what nonsense.”
  • “Okay, I get it. You want to make money but don’t want to apologize. Okay, please do go on and live that way.”
  • “Wow, you deleted my comment? Explain that the beanies were not gifts but for promotion. You’re not getting away with this.”
  • “This isn’t the first time you said you made it yourself and gave it to celebrities on TV. You must think you could get away with it this time too. How could you do this? You think it’ll go away if you delete comments? It won’t end that easy.”

Seo Min Jung and her friend’s post regarding BTS and Jimin have since been deleted.