This Asian Actress’ shirt shows what’s wrong with Hollywood’s whitewashing problem

Actress Michele Selene Ang posted a picture of herself wearing a bold T-shirt calling out Hollywood’s whitewashing problem.

Michele Selene Ang, who stars in Netflix‘s 13 Reasons Why posted this photo to Instagram of herself in a T-shirt that reads “Scarlett & Emma & Tilda & Matt”, referring to four actors who all starred in movies that were accused of whitewashing. The movies referred to are Aloha (with Emma Stone), Doctor Strange (with Tilda Swinton), The Great Wall (with Matt Damon), and the recently released Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson.

All four movies drew criticism either for their casting choices or, in the case of The Great Wall, are being accused of indulging “the white-hero complex”. Three of the movies cast “white” actors in the roles of originally Asian characters, while The Great Wall seemed to have been written in such a way that thewhite” actor took the role of the hero in spite of the fact that a character of a different race would have been far more appropriate for the role.

The issue of whitewashing always generates strong, and often witty, reactions out of audiences as well as those inside Hollywood, and this time is no different. Michele garnered immediate responses online of passionate support for her brave political message. Fans of the actress are now even asking her where they can get a similar shirt.

Source: Mashable