Aespa Draw Each Other Without Looking At The Paper, And The Results Are Hilarious

aespa couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.

aespa guested on hello82 for a video centered around MYs’ fan art of the group, and the girls even took up the challenge to draw themselves. The results were hilarious, but the girls’ love for each other shone through amidst the chaos.

aespa were given the mission of drawing each other in fifteen seconds, but there was a huge catch: they weren’t allowed to look down at the paper.

| hello82/YouTube    

Winter and Karina went first, and they couldn’t believe their eyes when the fifteen seconds were up.

Winter explained her drawing first, explaining that she tried to focus on Karina’s sharp facial structure and bright smile.

Karina went next, starting with an apology before explaining what details she decided to focus on for Winter.

Karina had tried to draw Winter’s signature short hair but found herself running out of time, so she switched to the face. She also made sure to draw Winter’s eyes, which Karina found very pretty.

In Karina’s defense, if she could move the bottom half of the face upwards, the drawing wouldn’t have looked so disproportionate (although it would still have been funny).

Giselle and NingNing were next, and just like Winter and Karina, their artwork caused an uproar.

NingNing described her drawing of Giselle first, and truthfully, her picture was quite cute, especially since it captured Giselle’s adorable habit of pursing her lips.

The biggest cause for laughter was NingNing’s placement of the eyes, as even she was confused about where they went when she looked down at her drawing.

On the other hand, Giselle had created a legendary picture, and she quickly told everyone watching to ignore the face shape. Still, NingNing reassured her by saying it was cute.

What Giselle wanted people to focus on was NingNing’s big, beautiful eyes and pretty smile. While the drawing might not perfectly portray them, the close-up of NingNing afterward satisfies all our visual desires.

aespa tried to wrap up the challenge with an introduction using their caricatures, but Winter forgot that Karina’s drawing was of her, sending the girls into a fit of hysteria.

Still, they pushed through with the cutest greeting, and while the drawings gave MYs plenty of laughs, the heartwarming picture of the girls having fun is what matters the most.

You can watch the full video here: