OG K-Pop Queen After School’s Kahi Covers BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA”

Kahi rocked it!

Anyone remember the days of After School? Their leader Kahi was known to be super strict and had the skills to back it up. Her impressive dance prowess led her to become a teacher and judge on the Produce 101 series later on. Now, she’s back on the screen through a show, Mom is an Idol, that gives past idols a chance to be on stage again after giving birth.

For her dance segment, Kahi performed BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA”. Of course, Kahi received a high pass from the judges. Here’s why.

This part gave us goosebumps! The guys’ face is ours.

The choreography for the chorus of “LALISA” may look simple but it is hard to pull off. Kahi executes it with control and precision!

Not everyone can look powerful doing such a simple dance move. It shows how skilled you truly are.

She even rocked the dance break!

We’re sure Lisa herself would be very proud if she saw this. After all, Kahi is a huge senior to Lisa. Kahi debuted in 2009, while Lisa debuted in 2016. After School was the OG girl crushes back when the K-Pop girl group scene was a sea of innocent concepts. Check out the full performance below.