Ahgase Lost It Over GOT7 Jinyoung’s Sister’s Reaction To His Drama Kiss Scene

Her reaction is hilariously relatable:

When GOT7‘s Jinyoung was first introduced as the lead character for He Is Psychometric fans couldn’t have been more excited to see actor Park make his return and so far he’s been making fans feel all sorts of emotions with his role.

First, everyone was left gasping for air when they found out that Jinyoung would be doing a shirtless scene in the show

Then he impressed everyone with his stuntman moves

And even had everyone laughing along with a cute behind the scenes look at a kiss scene between him and Shin Ye Eun.

But when it came time for one of the kiss scenes to be aired, fans couldn’t help laughing once again thanks to the completely relatable reaction from one of Jinyoung’s sisters, Soo Young!

Jinyoung’s sisters, Soo Young (left) and Bo Young (right).

After Soo Young caught the most recent episode of the show she couldn’t help snapping a photo of the moment just before the kiss and captioning it with a cute “Kya…” and an emoji covering its eyes!

Fans have been loving her reaction not only because it’s the perfect sibling reaction…

It’s also exactly how a lot of Ahgases felt watching the scene too!

Check out the kiss scene that caused her to have that reaction in the clip below: