Ahgases Suspect GOT7 May Have Spilled On Yugyeom’s Love Life As They Hilariously Teased Him On Their Comeback Show

They were acting too suspicious…

GOT7‘s special comeback show on NAVER NOW. was full of chaos long before it even aired on May 23. But there was one particular moment that caught fans’ attention, and that was when the members had the most hilariously suspicious reactions to Yugyeom‘s inspiration for his lyrics.

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The group’s new album, GOT7, was entirely self-composed and self-produced. All the members contributed to writing and composing, and one of the songs Yugyeom had a role in is “Two.”

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During the comeback show, Yugyeom was asked to talk through his process for writing the song, but for some reason, he seemed to be faltering in his explanation a little. The members wasted no time in teasing him, pointing out that he must have forgotten all about it.

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But then, Yugyeom began to explain his inspiration behind “Two,” saying “What I imagined when I made the song was that I keep being forgotten by someone.”

And hearing what he had to say, his members had the most suspiciously knowing reactions, starting with BamBam.

They soon burst out laughing, and Jay B hurriedly had to explain to Yugyeom that it wasn’t because of him. Rather, they were laughing because Jinyoung had quietly mumbled, “What imagination?” while Yugyeom was talking.

Still laughing, the members asked Yugyeom to explain what the song is about once and for all, but since Yugyeom continued to struggle to find the words, Jinyoung soon got hilariously impatient and demanded that they just forget it.

Ahgases couldn’t help being amused by GOT7’s willingness to ‘go there’…

…even more so by the priceless facial expressions that the members showed as Yugyeom talked.

While nothing was actually officially confirmed, the members did seem to have a lot of fun teasing Yugyeom. While we’ll likely never know the details, it’s always great to see the chaotic sibling relationship between GOT7 at play!

If you’d like to see the full clip, you can do so on the link below.