Ahn So Mi Tells Angering Story of Why She Couldn’t Sit on the Subway While Pregnant

“No one let me have their seat.” – Ahn So Mi

On a recent episode of KBS’s Screening Humanity, comedian Ahn So Mi‘s gave viewers a look into her life as a mother while also sharing a story from when she was pregnant that still angers her to this day.

Ahn So Mi married to Kim Woo Hyuk in April 2018, and she is now transitioning into a life of both comedy and motherhood.

Ahn So Ho explained that as a working mom, she often used the subway while pregnant.


But she said despite her wearing the badge showing that she’s pregnant, no one gave up their seat for her in the expecting mothers’ section of the subway.

I purposely stood in front of the expecting mothers’ seats, but no one let me have their seat. I even went and got a badge that said, ‘I’m pregnant’, but no one sacrificed their seat for me.

– Ahn So Mi

Although Ahn So Mi has given birth to her child, she revealed that she’s still so angry about it that she still checks if there are non-pregnant people sitting in the expecting mothers’ section.

If someone who’s pregnant is sitting there, I purposely stand right in front of them. Those seats should always remain empty for those who are actually pregnant.

– Ahn So Mi

The comedian might not be pregnant anymore, but she’s making sure to look out for other pregnant women who face the same difficulty in Korea.

Props to Ahn So Mi and her efforts to spread awareness!

Source: Insight