[★TRENDING] Sasaengs Harass Ailee All Night Long After Her Phone Number Gets Leaked

Solo singer Ailee’s personal phone number somehow got leaked on the internet, causing fans to continuously call her throughout the night. 

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Whoever got a hold of Ailee’s private information shared the information with fans all over the internet, causing a flood of calls to Ailee’s phone. 

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In response to the breach of privacy, Ailee took to Instagram to call out everyone calling her at night. 

“FORREALS?! What makes you think calling me and asking if I’m really Ailee IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT is OK?! Would YOU like if if I shared YOUR number with the whole world and have everyone call you in the middle of the night?!”

– Ailee

Hopefully the overzealous fans will realize that calling Ailee through her private number probably isn’t the best idea.