AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk Describes Lee Suhyun’s Anticlimactic Visit While He Served in the Military

His little sister’s first military visit was not what either of them expected.

AKMU recently appeared on SBS’s Cultwo Show where Lee Chanhyuk spoke about how Lee Suhyun‘s first visit while he served in the military was not what either of them expected.

DJ Kim Tae Gyun asked, “Didn’t people go crazy when your little sister visited you in the military?” to which Lee Chanhyuk replied, “Nope.

Lee Suhyun also agreed by adding, “I thought people would go crazy, too, but they didn’t.

She continued, “They were just stiff in their positions. Some high officials did come and ask for my autograph though.

But Lee Chanhyuk clarified, “There were actually a lot of people there that liked Suhyun. But they didn’t make it show.

Source: Insight