AKMU’s Suhyun Couldn’t Resist Roasting Chanhyuk About His Latest Piece Of Artwork

Suhyun went full sassy sister mode of Chanhyuk:

When AKMU‘s Suhyun caught a glimpse of her brother’s latest piece of artwork, well, she simply couldn’t let the opportunity to tease Chanhyuk go!


Chanhyuk recently posted some photos of his latest art adventures, a pair of sneakers he decorated with paint, glitter, and some unique designs. He proudly presented his masterpiece on Instagram, letting fans see the piece from every angle!

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BirthdayCake in December🎈🎂🎊

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While fans were loving Chanhyuk’s artwork and sending him all sorts of love under the post, being the sassy younger sis she is, Suhyun couldn’t resist leaving a critique of her brother’s art!


To which, Chanhyuk could only reply with a facepalm emoji!


Just AKMU proving once again that they’re #SassySiblingGoals!