AKMU’s Chanhyuk Wants To Release An Album By This Year

He wants to release an album ASAP!

Now that AKMU‘s Chanhyuk has been discharged from the military, he has announced that he hopes to release an album by this year.

He notes how while he was in the military, his younger sister and 1/2 of the AKMU duo Suhyun has become an adult. Because of this, he wants to release an album with a more mature sound.

I’m going crazy because I want to make our new album soon.

– Chanhyuk

He also notes how there are still many things he wants to show the fans and new things he wants to try out. He hopes the fans will look forward to it. Chanhyuk says that he misses the stage and misses performing for the fans, and he wants to jump back into music as soon as possible.

Source: Daum