These Sensational K-Pop Covers By A Filipino Actor Are LIT

He has the dopest covers

Like so many K-Pop fans, Filipino singer, songwriter, and actor, Iñigo Pascual, stumbled across K-Pop on the Internet and became immediately addicted to the music. He just couldn’t stop watching.


Iñigo soon began actively promoting his love for K-Pop groups and even gave a shout out to EXO in regard to their song, “Sing For You”.

“It’s songs like this that speaks to the heart even if it’s in an unfamiliar language! 

— Iñigo Pascual


Many of his fans, who are also K-Pop fans, were ecstatic to find out that they shared similar tastes in music!


Iñigo’s love of the music didn’t stop at promoting the artists however and he’s been causing fans to fall in love with him and K-Pop all over again with his own covers. Check out some of his amazing song covers below!


BIGBANG’s “If You”


EXO’s “Sing for You”


GOT7’s “A”


He even did the #IDOLCHALLENGE


Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”


BTS’s Blood Sweat & Tears

Posted by Kristia Lavin Perez on Sunday, June 10, 2018