“Amazing Saturday” Doremi Market Takes Intense Heat From Viewers To “Remove Block B’s P.O” From The Panel

“P.O’s behavior in today’s episode made me very upset…”

In the latest episode of Amazing Saturday‘s Doremi Market segment, Block B‘s P.O got a smidge too worked up while trying to answer the quizzes correctly.

P.O on “Amazing Saturday’s Doremi Market”

While he intended the “frustrated” concept to be comic…

… and continued to “throw fits” and shout at his fellow panel stars, some of the viewers didn’t find it funny at all. The irritated viewers who insisted they “no longer want to listen to P.O being rude to the other stars” rushed over to the official Instagram account belonging to Amazing Saturday and flooded the comment section, asking for P.O to be removed from the panel permanently. 

  • “Why do I have to spend my precious weekend nights watching someone shout and yell? I would’ve understood if it was a one time thing, but he kept shouting repeatedly. I wasn’t happy to see this behavior. If you’re not going to read the Instagram comments and the board comments, I don’t know why they even exist. If you can’t kick him off the show, then at least tell him to bring a different attitude.”
  • “I ended up turning the channel because of P.O and I usually love watching Amazing Saturday… Can you please let him know people aren’t comfortable with him behaving like that? Or remove him from the show completely. This isn’t the first time he came off as offensive. It would make sense if he was funny… He’s not even funny. It’s only aggressive.”

  • “P.O is really stepping over the line.”
  • “I’m a loyal weekly viewer. P.O’s behavior in today’s episode made me very upset.”
  • “Can you please remove P.O from the panel? I don’t want to listen to angry shouting on a weekend night.”

Many have also taken their agitation to Amazing Saturday‘s official website’s “Board” where viewers are free to leave comments about the show.

Screenshot of “Amazing Saturday’s Doremi Market” board with multiple posts about P.O

On the other hand, a few viewers believed the “controversy” to be unreasonable. These viewers pointed out that P.O is good friends with many of the panel members — like Kim Dong Hyun and Hyeri — and so they must have known he is only playing around.

Neither Amazing Saturday nor P.O has responded to the criticism.

Source: FM Korea, SportsWorldi and Dmitory

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